5 helpful tips for hiring a plumber

I’ve encountered plenty of horror stories in my time in the plumbing trade. Even the best toilets can be problematic if they are installed badly. Rip offs unfortunately are still reasonably common, but they can easily be avoided if you follow the steps below.

Check the insurance

Workplace accidents can happen. That’s why it’s important to see if they’re are insured should some unforeseen event take place, be it medical or otherwise. This is not just for their protection but for you too.

State license

In most cases, plumbers will need a license to work. Ensure they do have the said license. In the rare cases where a license won’t be required, we suggest looking them up online for what previous customers have said about them, especially the negative from disgruntled people. This can help you separate the good from the bad straight away.

How long have they been working as a plumber?

Not necessarily a sure sign of quality service. But one of the several signals you should be keeping an eye on. Someone working for over ten years is generally going to make less mistakes than that of someone who has just finished his course and starting out. But where to find that information? Usually the website will give you this information for you, however, that’s not always easy to find. If in doubt, why not ask them straight up over the phone.


Try to steer clear of companies/individuals who won’t give you an initial estimate. These are usually the people that will try to give a higher bill than expected later on. The majority will be able to give you an estimation of price before he comes to your home.

The warranty policy coverage

The coverage is important for the times where the work was not up to scratch and the same problem persists months later up to a year. It’s to protect you from paying for the same job over and over again. Ensure the plumber you’re looking at has a warranty policy for at least six months to a year.

These five tips will help you weed out the lower quality tradesmen, allowing you to fix your toilet in a less time consuming manner.